Medical Sonolink

Ultrasound Probe Cable

Ultrasound Transducer Probe Cable is designed with multi-core micro coaxial cables bound together, softness and flexibility for Ultrasound cable assemblies to transmit image and other data signals.

Golden Bridge Electech Inc (GBE) developed a more flexible probe cable SONOLINK ® to reduce the strain for medical staff when making diagnoses. We succeeded in developing micro coaxial cable which is 44AWG in size and built with special jacket materials; this specific cable is flexible and comfortable to the touch, but rugged for demanding surgical environments and able to withstand over 250,000 autoclave cycles.

We supply customized cable system solutions that are ever smaller, ever more complex and ever faster, and based on a unique range of components.

Cables for medical device applications:

Ultrasound Cosmetic Applications Radiography
Patient Monitoring Operating Theatre Robotics Oncology
Nuclear Medicine Computer Tomography Endoscopy
Dental Equipment Magnetic Resonance Tomography